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Re: [reSIProcate] SNMP strategy, proof-of-concept committed


On 11.12.19 20:08, Daniel Pocock wrote:
I added[1] an SNMP proof-of-concept in the apps/registration-agent.  It
could be moved to rutil or resip/stack in future.

It uses NetSNMP[2] and it may be useful to include a copy of that for
Windows users under contrib/, along with the necessary Visual Studio
artifacts.  Until then, this is only an optional feature supported on
Linux(-like) platforms.

At $Company we moved away from SNMP towards prometheus. My co-worker started the prometheus-cpp C++ library [1] to expose the standard metrics like gauges, counters, summaries, and histograms.

In case you find net-snmp being not portable enough prometheus-cpp is worth a try.


[1] https://github.com/jupp0r/prometheus-cpp