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Re: [reSIProcate] [resiprocate] Fails to send BYE to WS, WSS clients [DNS failure for the address <random>.invalid]

Hi Diego Carvalho Domingos,

Here is the solution, in my case browser is initiating a call.

          // Participant is inherited from InviteSessionHandler
          // resip::Tuple m_destination;

void Participant::onNewSession(ServerInviteSessionHandle sish, InviteSession::OfferAnswerType, const SipMessage &msg)
  m_destination = msg.getSource();
void Participant::onReadyToSend(resip::InviteSessionHandle ish, resip::SipMessage &msg)

Please let me know your thoughts and if you find a better solution please share.

Kind Regards,
Abdul Rehman

From: Diego Carvalho Domingos <ddomingos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 11:05 PM
To: Scott Godin; abdulrehman272@xxxxxxxx
Cc: resiprocate-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [reSIProcate] [resiprocate] Fails to send BYE to WS, WSS clients [DNS failure for the address <random>.invalid]

I would be glad to share but I still did not find a solution for this. I thought it would be easy to just get the IP from the connection object and avoid dns but still couldn’t figure it out. Also, I didn’t understand how RFC5626 would help on this. If you find a solution, Abdul, please let me know. Thanks




From: Scott Godin <sgodin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 1:26 PM
To: abdulrehman272@xxxxxxxx
Cc: resiprocate-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [reSIProcate] [resiprocate] Fails to send BYE to WS, WSS clients [DNS failure for the address <random>.invalid]



You could setup repro between the browser and your application and ensure record-routing is enabled.


Implementing flow routing in a DUM app is possible, but not trivial, if Diego got it working, perhaps he'll share. 




On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 2:56 AM Abdul Rehman <abdulrehman272@xxxxxxxx> wrote:



I am using resiprocate-1.10.2 and have the exact same issue as mentioned in the following thread posted by Diego Carvalho Domingos:


I would like to know its solution. I have tried message decorator so far but it didn't help.



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