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[reSIProcate] resiprocate packaging


I am in the process of preparing a OpenBSD package/port of various
resiprocate components. In this context I am wondering what is the
best/recommended way to package individual components of resiprocate.
The Debian packages are quite fine grained; I think this is not
necessary for the typical OpenBSD user. So:

The configure script lists (configure --help) several "Optional Packages":

--with-repro            Build repro, requires CAJUN and bdb
--with-rend             Build rend
--with-recon            Build recon, links against sipX

and so on. These make logical additions which could be packaged; that is
the way I handle repro (basically all the file additions generated by
--with-repro and --enable-repro-plugins).

But I wonder what is actually the "base" package. It seems that reTurn
is always built. Is it correct to assume that the minimal installation
should always include the reTurn TURN/STUN component?

Thanks a lot for your input!

Best regards,