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Re: [reSIProcate] proposal for branching and releasing 1.11 (and 1.12.x)

On 07/03/18 15:07, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Hi all,
> reSIProcate 1.11 beta was picked up by Debian for the stretch release
> cycle.  In stretch, OpenSSL 1.0 is still present and supported.
> Therefore, I propose that:
> - we make a 1.11 branch somewhere before the OpenSSL 1.1 support was merged

Done, the branch is here:


I made the branch from the tag resiprocate-1.11.0_beta5

I'd suggest that things are only cherry-picked from master to the
release branch if they don't break API or ABI compatibility.

> - we tag 1.11.0 on that branch

I'm not sure if I will do that myself as I think I'm going to be using
the 1.12 code going forward.

If somebody does really want to work on making 1.11 into an official
release, please ask about the process and I can help you with it.
Basically it involves updating the changelog, updating the version in
various places and then using "make dist" and friends.

> - any fixes needed for stable Linux packages can be tested on that
> branch, e.g. a 1.11.2 or 1.11.3 release
> - the first release containing OpenSSL 1.1 support will be reSIProcate
> 1.12.x

I've now updated the version in the master branch:


At some point when we feel master is stable enough I'll branch release/1.12