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Re: [reSIProcate] ares_mkquery.c doesn't compile after last commit


On 08.08.17 12:40, Dario Bozzali wrote:
Hi all,

I aligned my reSIProcate repository to origin master and I noticed that ares doesn’t build anymore under Windows.

Issue has been introduced in commit 920273631b699bcaf9ea3c2c448eb9af5a924b70(26/06/2017) due to missing MAXCDNAME definition under Windows (I tested ares_14_0.vcxproj using Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise).

Sorry about that. We should think about adding appveyor tests for windows.

I prefer the change in ares.h. Other comments / suggestions?

I'm also in favor of adding it to ares.h. Since you already did 95% of the work, could you please file a pull request and assign it to me?