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Re: [reSIProcate] WSS connection from JsSIP to resiprocate

Thanks for answering, Daniel. I'm not so new to this. I've been working for a 
while with SIP and more recently with WebRTC. But I still don't know all the 
details of TLS. In this issue, I think the problem is not the code because, as 
I said, I did exactly what that page pointed by Adam explains. I think the 
problem is either the way I generated the certificates or the way I'm using 
them. After some research I discovered that I'm not using self signed 
certificate. I'm using a certificate signed by my "own CA". If I understood 
correctly from the article I read, there is a difference. Am I correct?
I created the certificates following the example 1 of this doc:
Then I used ca.pem as root_cert_<domain>.pem, server-cert.pem as 
domain_cert_<domain>.pem and server-key.pem as domain_key_<domain>.pem
I also loaded ca.pem into windows certificate store because I think the browser 
will need it to validate the server certificate. Is this correct?

Thanks again. Best regards,