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Re: [reSIProcate] Need help in porting to Android

Hi Praveen,

If you search the mailing lists I think you will find that other's have used resip an Android with no major issues.  Not sure why you would need DUM changes to do this.  You can use DUM without forming a client registration (without any customization/modifications), so I'm not really sure what you mean by a fake registration and what the purpose of that is.

Best Regards,
Scott Godin
SIP Spectrum, Inc.

On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 9:59 AM praveen ch <praveen44com@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear All,

We are looking for porting to Android Device for supporting VoLTE support. For this we need lot of changes to be done at DUM layer. Before that we need whether support for Android have faced any major problems?

We have other Master IMS stack in the device which does only registration, so we need some modification to be done at ReSIP stack to handle fake registration. Anyone have been tried to modify code for handling fake registration?

praveen chebolu
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