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Re: [reSIProcate] Passive SIP Traffic Analyzer

Not really.  Homer support ( https://sipcapture.org/ )  was added, but that still doesn't allow you to listen passively to SIP traffic.  You could definitely build a passive listener outside of resiprocate, then just use the resip SIP message parsing routines to parse and analyze the SIP message contents.  This would be essentially by passing the resip transports, transaction state machine and DUM layers.


On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 10:11 AM Mihai Codrean <mihaicodrean@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Scott Godin wrote back in 2011:
resip is great choice for a SIP message parser, however there will be a reasonable amount of work required to separate things in order to try and reuse the resip transaction, dialog and dum callback engine in a passive way (ie. without generating any responses).
Has this changed over the years, making such an endeavor easier?


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