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[reSIProcate] travis-ci environment updated to Ubuntu bionic beaver

Hi everybody,

.travis.yml previously specified Ubuntu xenial xerus (16.04)

I've updated it to use bionic beaver (18.04), I will be testing against
bionic beaver, Debian buster and Debian stretch as I prepare a 1.12.0
release.  I also hope to test on Fedora and CentOS/EPEL.

Ubuntu is in the picture because travis-ci uses Ubuntu rather than
Debian, nonetheless, it is using a small number of dependencies from
Debian buster, like the qpid-proton package.  The qpid-proton C++ API
changed a lot and the version in Ubuntu is already out of date, that is
why I'm mixing Ubuntu and Debian packages in travis-ci.

Packages I build myself are being obtained from apt.debify.org, that is
a repository I am maintaining personally with the latest versions of
certain things like sipxtapi and also a build of asio 1.12.2 for Debian