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Re: [reSIProcate] removing AssumePath, WebRTC

Hi Daniel,

It appears that setting was only needed for a short period of time in the code.  Code from a branch was merged at one point in time and basically removed the need for the setting, but did not remove the setting itself from the config file or the code that read it in.  This went completely undetected until now.

Force record routing and using the advanced transport interface for setting up transports is also important.  Transport specific Record routes should be set to auto, or a public IP if that's appropriate.  Of course using a WSS transport and it's cert settings is also needed.


On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 5:03 PM Daniel Pocock <daniel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Scott,

I noticed your commit[1] removing AssumePath from repro.config

I previously set this to true for WebRTC use cases, I don't recall why,
it may have been based on the description of this option in repro.config

Looking at the history, it was added[2] in 2010 with this note:

    * Addition of --assume-path option. For repro outbound support, this
      option makes repro act as though the Supported header includes the
      token. This is useful when trying to fake outbound support within

and repro/ReponseContext.cxx was modified[3] to stop using it in 2011.

I need to remove this in the sample repro.config for Debian, maybe it is
in other examples for WebRTC elsewhere, I'll check.

WebRTC clients probably add the "path" parameter or can be easily
patched to do so.  What's more, the logic behind this was actually
remove in 2011 before we added WebRTC support in 2013.  Looking at the
remaining code that you removed, it is not clear how setting this option
would have made any difference to WebRTC users anyway.

Is there anything else we should do in repro.config to make it obvious
how WebRTC users can get up and running quickly?  I tried to add the
string "WebRTC" to the comments for every config option that impacts WebRTC



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