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[reSIProcate] Decorator reporting wrong source port

Hi all,
I want to populate the contact header of an INVITE message with the actual port used by the stack to establish a TLS connection instead of the default 5061. The decorator example does exactly that for the SDP so I tried to use that code but source.getPort() returns 5061. I investigated the code and found that initially the method determineSourceInterface is used but the port is set to 0 because via.sentPort() is 0. Then, because of that, the port is set to transport->port(), which I think is the same transport that is setup on resiprocate initialization (which of course had the port set to 5061). How do I get the actual port used by the stack to initiate the TLS connection? Is this a bug in reciprocate? I appreciate any help. Thanks


Diego Carvalho Domingos