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Re: [reSIProcate] Why resiprocate just use the branch parameter in via header to distinguish transaction

Hi All,

On 30/07/17 15:36, 海滨 wrote:
Hi Scott,

Just one correction:
If the server receive the invite msg then receive the cancel msg with the same branchId, it seems that the server can't find the correlate invite transaction for the cancel request if implement below solution. 

Maybe we need append "INVITE" instead for both "ACK" and "CANCEL" methods for server transaction in getTransactionId().

Exactly, I published an earlier version of my patch by accident, terrible sorry for that. It was not intentional.


The correct condition is:

if (method() != ACK && method() != CANCEL)

Thank you very much for reviewing and testing.
I'm going to make a pull request if this fix is working for you. We use it with this fix since I published the wrong one. It looks OK so far.

Kind Regards