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Re: [reSIProcate-users] basicClient : dependency to advapi32.dll

Hello Gregor, your advice was really helpful.
I had to comment some calls to Registry related functions :
  • RegOpenKeyEx in ares_init_options_with_socket_function (ares_init.c)
  • RegCreateKeyEx in WinCompat::windowsEventLog
Then I had to attach the visual runtime libraries  in the app package (msvc140_APP.dll, vcruntime140_APP.dll, vccorlib140_APP.dll)
because, on hololens, all the visual runtime is not installed by default, the runtime dlls are rather (msvc140_APP.dll, vcruntime140_APP.dll, vccorlib140_APP.dll).

Now the hololens app can load, and could send a register request!
However, I do not know if adding the runtime dll is the right choice, is it possible to build resiprocate with dependencies to msvc140_APP.dll, vcruntime140_APP.dll, vccorlib140_APP.dll, so I do not have to add the other runtime to the package ?


De : Gregor Jasny <gjasny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Envoyé : jeudi 14 février 2019 09:12
À : jean rouquet; resiprocate-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Objet : Re: [reSIProcate-users] basicClient : dependency to advapi32.dll

On 13.02.19 01:07, jean rouquet wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use the resip stack on a uwp device (hololens).
> the basicClient sample (which my code is inspired from) has a dependency
> to advapi32.dll.
> It is not a problem on windows desktop, but in hololens, this dll does
> not exist.
> I tried to remove dependency to advapi32, but could not find where this
> dependency is set on the visual solution.

If you add /VERBOSE to the "Additional Linker Options" if should give
you some clues.