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[reSIProcate-users] strange crash depending on connection type

Hello all,
i am baffled by a strange (for me) error that i get from an application of mine.

when sending an invite (don't know if upon receiving the first 401 or when trying to send the authorized invite) i get the following assert:

Assertion failed: ((!(msg->isRequest() && !via.sentHost().empty())) || isSecure(target.getType())), function determineSourceInterface, file TransportSelector.cxx, line 718.

WARNING | 20181106-230440.412 | | RESIP:TRANSPORT | 0x70000deee000 | TransportSelector.cxx:1569 | Can't find matching transport [ V4 UDP ]

Now, the one thing that i find very strange is that the same code crashes deterministically when i am connected with certain internet providers: i.e. vodafone but not with others. This is deterministic and the wireshark traces does not seem to differ apart from the ip addresses.

What might be triggering the assert that depends on connectivity?

P.S. the app creates transport for UDP and TCP binding on and random port, but the connection is done via UDP.