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Re: [reSIProcate-users] resiprocate roadmap

On 24/09/18 11:32, Francesco Lamonica wrote:
> Hello all,
> i just noticed that on github appeared resip-1.12-alpha and resip-1.12-beta
> and i was wondering when release 1.12 is planned and what are the major
> features of this release.
> Also as for release 1.11 is there a reason why it was not published in
> the news section on the website? lack of time? missing changelog?
> internal-use release only?

A lot of things changed after I made the 1.11.0 beta5 tag.

If I make a 1.11.0 beta6 tag now, it will be something very different,
some people might be surprised.

Bumping the version number gives people a strong hint that a lot of
things have changed.

A full 1.12.0 release could come within a few weeks if the beta is