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[reSIProcate-users] Transaction Throughput with Repro

Scott and other Resiprocate-Users:

Can anyone tell me what kind of throughput that I can expect from the "repro" proxy server code? I had done some testing on a repro-based proxy server project that has a lot of custom database lookups, and I got some mediocre results. So, I have begin to test on the bare-bones repro server with no DB lookups and I am still unable to get more than about 50 calls per second through repro when compiled and running in Windows Server 2012. ( A "call" being an INVITE transaction followed by a BYE transaction that the repro server proxies between a UAC "sipp" script and a UAS "sipp" script.)

Note, repro is running in a machine with an Intel Xeon E5-2630 processor, and 64 GigaBytes of memory.

I have also tried this with repro compiled in Linux and got some better throughput.... about 130 calls per second.

What I mean by these maximum numbers is the call rate which I can maintain from the UAC sipp script without there being any delays in responses that lead to retransmissions by the sipp UA scripts.

Repro is something that I have begun to work with relatively recently, but I have worked with the "DUM" code for many years. With a custom B2BUA that I have built with the DUM code, I am able to push through upwards of 500 calls per second easily in the same type of hardware.

Is this disparity in performance between DUM and REPRO something that others have seen, and that there is an explanation for? (Or am I doing something wrong?)