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Re: [reSIProcate-users] Quotes in URI parameters

On 2018-04-12 19:41, Scott Godin wrote:
Hi Mats,

There was some work to make parameters more specific to the header they are in.  
However, I'm not sure that your particular problem has been solved.  Might be worth 
a look if you are using code before 2011.

Here is the commit note from April 28, 2011:

* Rip out the various ParserCategory::param calls, and move them to their 
subclasses. Next, we put together overrides of ParserCategory::createParam() 
prevent params that show up in unexpected places from being parsed as a known
parameter type.

Looking at the commits from that day qualifiers have been added for parameters, 
in my case Auth, so it looks promising. (I didn't notice that when I took a 
quick look at the current state ...)
As it is about time to do the upgrade anyway I will try to do the operation (we 
have made some local changes, mostly added headers specific to vendors, but 
also at least one parameter, so it will be interesting to find out what changes 
are needed).
It feels a bit risky though to make a big change in the already released 
version where we've seen the problem but hopefully it can be done.