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Re: Plugin for rtpproxy

Good point! Thanks!

The plugin will also need to fix the Authenticate headers.

Roman Rybalko
From: Godin, Scott
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2018 7:03PM +0300
To: Roman Rybalko
Cc: Resiprocate-users
Subject: Re: Plugin for rtpproxy

Not that I'm aware of.  

Note:. If the proxy is going to modify the message body, make sure you disable auth-int authentication, since it does auth over the message body.


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On Apr 2, 2018, at 9:14 AM, Roman Rybalko <resiprocate@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello reSIProcate people,

I would like to have an rtpproxy plugin for repro.

I.e. the plugin should issue a command to rtpproxy (github.com/sippy/rtpproxy/wiki/RTPProxy-Command-Protocol) and fix the addresses in SDP payload.

Does this plugin exist for repro?

Roman Rybalko