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[reSIProcate-users] Compiling resiprocate on iOS

Hi all,
i am wondering if there is any special care that should be taken when compiling for iOS.

i.e. i see in compat.hxx that there is some code definition enclosed in TARGET_IPHONE_OS
Should that be defined when compiling it? 

Beacuse when i try to link my application to the ios libraries i get an undefined symbol errors regarding resip::Data::copy(const char*, unsigned long) and resip::Data(const char*, unsigned long)

with nm i noticed that in librutil.a i can see the symbols for those functions defined for unsigned int, NOT long

So, for some reasons my code when compiling and including resiprocate includes UInt32 seems to match unsigned long, but my IDE seems to point to unsigned int.

Can anyone suggest me something?