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[reSIProcate] add yourself to planet.sip5060.net

Hi all,

If you are blogging about open source and SIP, I'll be happy to
syndicate it on http://planet.sip5060.net - this is good for everybody
doing open source SIP, because it helps things go up in Google and it
makes it easy for people to follow the whole community in one place.

All syndication links back to your blog

Please just send me an email with the config for me to cut and paste,
the RSS feed URL in brackets and then the name to appear next to your
blogs, here are some examples:

name = Daniel Pocock

name = Kamailio

I already added a few people, they are listed at the bottom of the
planet page.

If only some of your blogs are about SIP, please consider tagging the
SIP blogs and giving me a feed URL for the tag.