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[reSIProcate] Feature list of open source proxy

I thought I would just start an email thread on thins that would be nice in
an open source proxy.

The key thing is the out of box experience, you can go from nothing to
having a running proxy that allows phone A to call phone B in 15 minutes.

The key property of it is that it provides what is needed for secure phone
calls with devices behind a NAT.

It is a single executable, you download it, run it and it is running. It
includes an embedded web server that you can use to configure it. It
includes an embedded data base that it uses to store configuration data and
subscriber info. The DB has a well known scheme that other apps can write

It has some of the flowing properties:

Can be a Cert Store
Outbound Connection
Can do simple routing based on number
output to syslog 

Has a few types of forwarding
- per user forward all calls unconditionally
- per user call forward no answer
- per user call forward when no devices are registered

Can be configured in a master/slave mode where the slave gets all it's
configuration from master and slave and master synchronize the registration