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[reSIProcate-announce] New SSL certificate being installed for www.resiprocate.org (2014/05/14)

It's expiration time for the www.resiprocate.org SSL certificate, so I'm 
replacing it and upping the key size at the same time.

This is just a notice in case your browser gives you a warning.

The new certificate should have the following details:

% openssl x509 -noout -subject -issuer -dates -fingerprint 
subject= /OU=Domain Control Validated/CN=www.resiprocate.org
issuer= /C=US/ST=Arizona/L=Scottsdale/O=GoDaddy.com, 
Inc./OU=http://certs.godaddy.com/repository//CN=Go Daddy Secure Certificate 
Authority - G2
notBefore=May 14 14:45:07 2014 GMT
notAfter=May 16 12:45:32 2015 GMT
SHA1 Fingerprint=B3:1F:16:56:93:09:5A:CC:C6:1B:17:0D:62:75:2C:03:B4:7A:43:70


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