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Re: [repro-users] DTMF support

Hi Alex,

resiprocate is a SIP stack and not a media stack, so while it supports the negotiation of RFC2833/4733 sending the actual RTP packets is out of scope for it.

repro is a SIP proxy built on top of the core stack, it handles the SIP messaging.  RTP media is peer to peer.

recon is a higher level API that brings the resiprocate stack and the sipXmedia projects together to handle both SIP (via resip) and RTP media (via sipXmedia).  It supports RFC2833/4733 via sipXmedia.


On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 5:19 AM EXT_RENAUD Alexandre <EXT_RENAUD.A@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I’m trying to pick the right library to integrate a VoIP client with DTMF capabilities (i.e. ability to send numbers from the keypad  while on a call)

I did not find any reference to the relevant RFCs(2833/4733) in the reSIProcate feature list: https://www.resiprocate.org/ReSIProcate_Current_Features

Could anyone confirm whether this feature is actually supported?

Many thanks, Alex


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