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Re: [repro-users] compile problem.

On 15/01/2019 02:46, Slava Bendersky wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
> I am use fedora 28 server and environment is rpmbuild  with spec file
> latest  tar archive of 1.12.  On fedora latest version only for f25.
> [volga629@canldev01-fedora28 ~]$ sudo dnf install gperf
> Last metadata expiration check: 0:18:45 ago on Mon 14 Jan 2019 08:19:30
> Package gperf-3.1-5.fc28.x86_64 is already installed, skipping.
> Dependencies resolved.
> Nothing to do.
> Complete!

I haven't compared the spec file in the Fedora Git and in our
reSIProcate Github for quite some time.

Can you please try the following:

- capture all output from rpmbuild to a logfile and email it to me privately

   rpmbuild ... > /tmp/rpmbuild-resiprocate.log 2>&1

- have a look at the resip/stack/gen directory, you should see the
following files:

DayOfWeekHash.cxx  HeaderHash.lo   MethodHash.o   ParameterHash.cxx
DayOfWeekHash.lo   HeaderHash.o    MonthHash.cxx  ParameterHash.lo
DayOfWeekHash.o    MethodHash.cxx  MonthHash.lo   ParameterHash.o
HeaderHash.cxx     MethodHash.lo   MonthHash.o

If any files are missing, gperf was not executed or it may have failed
for some reason.  The log may contain a clue.

   grep -C 50 gperf /tmp/rpmbuild-resiprocate.log