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Re: [repro-users] building queuetostream

I think repro makefiles are setup to use the linux installed Berkeley Db package instead of the copy in the resip repository (which is used for Windows builds).  Perhaps the queuetostream makefiles aren't setup to do the same thing.  Unfortunately linux build files are not my area of expertise, but if someone can fix this up, I'd be happy to help get the changes into GIT.


On Fri, Dec 1, 2017 at 5:49 AM, Nikolay Shopik <shopik@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For some reason debian builds won't include queuetostream, so I decided
to build queuetostream from source, but having errors when I'm trying to
build it.

I configured without SSL (as I know openssl 1.1.0 not yet supported)

./configure --with-c-ares CXXFLAGS="-DRESIP_FIXED_POINT"
make -C repro

But it failing on berkleeydb

In file included from BerkeleyDb.cxx:14:0:
../repro/BerkeleyDb.hxx:8:19: fatal error: db_cxx.h: No such file or
 #include DB_HEADER
compilation terminated.
Makefile:1038: recipe for target 'librepro_la-BerkeleyDb.lo' failed
make[1]: *** [librepro_la-BerkeleyDb.lo] Error 1

Any pointers? From my understanding BerkeleyDb already in repo. So I
don't need any libs for it.
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