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[repro-users] building queuetostream

For some reason debian builds won't include queuetostream, so I decided
to build queuetostream from source, but having errors when I'm trying to
build it.

I configured without SSL (as I know openssl 1.1.0 not yet supported)

./configure --with-c-ares CXXFLAGS="-DRESIP_FIXED_POINT"
make -C repro

But it failing on berkleeydb

In file included from BerkeleyDb.cxx:14:0:
../repro/BerkeleyDb.hxx:8:19: fatal error: db_cxx.h: No such file or
 #include DB_HEADER
compilation terminated.
Makefile:1038: recipe for target 'librepro_la-BerkeleyDb.lo' failed
make[1]: *** [librepro_la-BerkeleyDb.lo] Error 1

Any pointers? From my understanding BerkeleyDb already in repo. So I
don't need any libs for it.