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Re: [repro-users] Change registration TTL

The following methods are available on the MasterProfile:

      /// Used when receiveing a REGISTER request, if the expires value in the request
      /// is less than this time, then dum will reject the message with a 423 and set the
      /// min-expires header to the value specified here.
      virtual UInt32& serverRegistrationMinExpiresTime(void);
      virtual const UInt32 serverRegistrationMinExpiresTime(void) const;

      /// If an inbound REGISTER has an Expires header or any individual contact bindings with expires greater
      /// than this value, use this Max expires instead of the one given by the client.
      virtual UInt32& serverRegistrationMaxExpiresTime(void);
      virtual const UInt32 serverRegistrationMaxExpiresTime(void) const;

You need to modify code in ReproRunner to set these values.

Or you can override:  ServerRegistrationHandler::getGlobalExpires in the Registrar.hxx source code and add whatever logic you like.


On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 11:33 AM, Garnham, Sam (FN) @ CSG - ASA <Sam.Garnham@xxxxxxx> wrote:



If there a way to change the registration TTL, i.e. the value of the 'expires' parameter in the 'Contact' Header in the 200 OK (copied from the 'Expires' header in the REGISTER)?




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