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[repro-users] [Relay Server][WSS To SIP]

Hi Users,
I have started using the repro server and trying to accomplish the following.
I wanted to register a SIP user using the below link

I am able to register the user by the WSS link provided by the the tryJS that is
I exactly want the similar WSS proxy developed using repro server,

I did followed some guides online, and able to register the users on the repro server(adding user on repro web ui), but in actual the end user will be residing on the Asterisk server, i want to have the registration relayed to Asterisk Box.
I did DisableAuth= yes.
Now i am getting 
SIP/2.0 403 Relaying Forbidden

I did added WSS proxy in the domain part of UI, added the certs in Interface settings, Enabled the SIP UDP in config as well.

Can some body help me in this Please.

Here is the scenario 
Web Registration Registration --->WSS---->Repro---->UDP----> Kamailio/Asterisk

One more thing i need to add here is i want registration over the Kamailio, i dont want to add users over Repro(like i find on most of help availble).
Can i do this?