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Re: [repro-users] repro not consulting hosts file ?

Host file lookup should be handled, also for Windows OSs, by method 
AresDns::hostFileLookup(). I didn't tested it recently, but it should work.
You could try to set, just to test scenario, mHostFileLookupOnlyMode = true 
(maybe you can set an empty list of DNS servers).
Another option, more complex, is to change code in DnsResult::onDnsResult(), in 
particular the part contained in #ifdef 
resolve desired host using WinSock API.
Best regards,

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On 29/06/16 00:56, Julio Cabezas wrote:
> Hi,
>                 I cannot make repro to route an INVITE to "xtarget" 
> when I define it in the Windows hosts file as e.g. :
>         xtarget
>                 But when I define "xtarget" as an A record in the 
> default DNS for the server where repro runs, the INVITE is correctly 
> routed by repro.
>                 I am running repro version 1.10.1  on Windows Server 2012R2.
>                 Any suggestion ?

repro (and all of reSIProcate) use the c-ares DNS library instead of the normal 
system libraries to resolve names.

As far as I know, c-ares doesn't support the hosts file

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