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[repro-users] Suddenly issues with DNS resolution

repro is working fine on a virtual server for over a year, up until recently. Then after a restart it works fine for about a day, until suddenly this kind of thing shows up in the logs:

WARNING | 20160414-073536.354 | repro | RESIP:TRANSACTION | 139644643784448 | TransactionState.cxx:1123 | Transaction timed out while waiting for DNS result uri=sip:losangeles2.voip.ms ERR | 20160414-073544.354 | repro | RESIP:DNS | 139644652177152 | dns/DnsStub.cxx:594 | Connection error Timeout while contacting DNS servers for losangeles2.voip.ms


WARNING | 20160414-091205.740 | repro | RESIP:TRANSACTION | 139644643784448 | TransactionState.cxx:1407 | Transaction timed out while waiting for DNS result uri=sip:505@localhost:5070;transport=udp

restarting repro makes this go away, until later.

Nothing else seems to be having trouble with DNS on this machine. Calling the command line "host losangeles2.voip.ms" gives a response right away on the machine.

I was running 1.9.7 but upgraded to 1.10.1 recently in hopes it would fix this issue, but the issue persists.

for now, my hack is to restart repro every night via cron

any ideas?