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Re: [repro-users] Registrations disappear after upgrade from repro 1.9.7-5 to 1.10.1-2+b1

On 15/02/16 21:52, Notorious wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was able to replicate this issue, it only happens if the IP of the
> client has changed.
> The devices in question were/are switching between wcdma & lte around
> every 5 minutes.
> If I change a device to wifi the client re registers and the entry
> disappears.
> After timeout it re registers and is present from then on. If I disable
> wifi the same behavior occurs.
> I hope this pinpoints the problem somewhat.

Can you enable the STACK level logging and see if there is anything in
the log about it?

Do the clients support outbound?  Please show an example of the REGISTER
message they send.

Do you have the settings for flow tokens or outbound enabled in