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Re: [repro-users] Repro with compression support

Scott, Daniel thanks for your replies.
I found this snapshot of old opensigcomp project site:
However some of the links on the site are dead...


2015-11-16 19:07 GMT+01:00 Daniel Pocock <daniel@xxxxxxxxxx>:

On 16/11/15 16:18, Scott Godin wrote:
> Hello,
> reSIP/rePro are now at version 1.10.  However the SigComp support hasn't
> been touched in a few years - that I'm aware of.  It *should* still work
> though.
> The opensigcomp projects was removed, but we have kept an archive of the
> code under our contrib folder.
> Here are some links with more info:
> https://www.resiprocate.org/SigComp_Support - this page is old, so some
> links do not work
> http://list.resiprocate.org/archive/resiprocate-devel/msg08137.html
> You can also type this into a google search engine to read more from the
> mailing lists:  sigcomp opensigcomp
> site:http://list.resiprocate.org/archive/

I've created a bug report for getting it back into the automated builds
we do for testing:


Is there any chance of recovering a snapshot of the original web site
and source repository for OpenSigComp?  I could then build a Git
repository from it and it could live in https://github.com/resiprocate
or https://github.com/opentelecoms-org


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