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[repro-users] DNS SRV failover

This is continuation of this thread -

I'm trying out tcpconnecttimeout option (thanks Scott for adding this),
where I have 3 SRV TCP records with different priority, where high
priority(lower value) peer always down.

But my tcpdump show that after tcpconnecttimeout timer is passed it
notify me with request timeout 408, not even trying next peer.

So I'm set tcpconnecttimeout to 0 and wait for 32 seconds and still get
- 408 Request Timeout after first peer failure.

There is one thing though, first call always fails for me, but if I
redial almost immediately its get through via second DNS SRV record.

This is repro 1.10, and I've tested on 1.9.7 too with same results so
this doesn't looks like regression.

debug output